2013 conf. choir

Sing in the fabulous Affirmation Choir

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

On Sunday, September 18th, 2011, we had a rare opportunity to have a devotional in the Kirtland Temple as the highlight of our Affirmation Conference.  We had a choir there and sang some wonderful music, including “The Spirit of God”, “Now Let Us Rejoice”, and “Come Thou Fount”.  It was an amazing experience and ever since then we have had a choir as part of our annual Affirmation Conference.

This year for our conference, we will be having a choir again and singing some wonderful music:  My Shepherd Will Supply My Need (Wilberg arrangement) and “In This Very Room”.  I want to personally invite you to sing in the choir, even if you are only remotely interested or think you are only an ok singer.  It will be a wonderful experience, and I hope it will bring back some fond memories of other choirs as well!

If you would like to sing in the choir, please send me an email, and let me know which part you sing, if you know (Soprano I or II, Alto I or II, Tenor I or II, Baritone or Bass).  I’ll be posting mp3 files of the music and your parts in a few days, so you can get started on learning the music.  We also need an Oboe player (or clarinet), a flute player and a harpist, so let me know if you are or know a good one!

If you have friends or family members who would like to sing/play in the choir, please feel free to invite them to participate and to contact me as well.

For those of you already in Utah, we are starting rehearsals early, this Tuesday, September 9th in the evening at 7 p.m., and would love to have you attend if you can.

Looking forward to seeing you in Salt Lake City,


Sheet Music & Audio Resources

In This Very Room Sheet Music

My Shepherd Will Supply My Need Sheet Music

Soprano Part w/ Accompaniment

Alto Part w/ Accompaniment

Soprano & Alto Parts w/ Accompaniment

Tenor Part w/ Accompaniment

Bass Part w/ Accompaniment

Tenor & Bass Parts w/ Accompaniment

All Parts w/ Accompaniment

Accompaniment Only